Treg depletion using CD25-specific, IL2 and effector T-cell sparing antibodies

Regulatory T cells (Tregcells) represents a cell population with strong immunosuppressive activities. In cancer patients, Treg cells can dampen protective immune responses against tumor antigens. Moreover, high infiltration by Treg cells has been associated with poor survival invarious types of cancer. Therapeutic strategiesto eliminateTreg cells and control of Treg cell functions within the tumor microenvironment have a strong potential to increase anti-tumor immune responses.CD25 is the alpha chain of the IL2 receptor (IL2R) that is highly and constitutively expressed by Treg cells but less intensively by other T cell subpopulations.

Alderaan Biotechnology is developing monoclonal antibodies that recognize CD25 on Treg cells allowing their efficient depletion from the tumormicroenvironment without impacting effector T cells involved in tumor destruction. Alderaan’s CD25-specific antibodies binds to an epitope on CD25 that is distant to the IL2 binding site, allowing IL2 to displays its activator function on activated, cancer-specific effector T cells.


CD160TM NK cell boost using CD160-TM specific monoclonal antibodies

Natural Killer cells (NK) represents a cell population involved in the cancer cell destruction through recognition of tumor cells followed by cell killing through cell-cell contact cytotoxicity. High rate of NK cell infiltration in the tumor microenvironment has been correlated with increased survival and better prognosis in several cancers. The boost of NK cell cytotoxic function locally in the tumor can increase the rate of cancer cell destruction and trigger an improved immune response to the tumor.

CD160-TM is a novel NK cell activating receptor involved in their cytotoxic activity. Alderaan Biotechnology is developing antibodies against CD160-TM in order to boost the rate of cancer cell destruction in the tumor by hyper activating CD160-TM positive NK cells.


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Alderaan Biotechnology presents latest developments at SITC Congress

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